Контрольные по английскому (сочинения, ответы, деловая корреспонденция) Сочинение на английском на рассказ "The Portrait" by Aldous Huxley
Сочинение на английском на рассказ "The Portrait" by Aldous Huxley

Сочинение на английском на рассказ "The Portrait" by Aldous Huxley

Сочинение по рассказу Хаксли Олдос

AN ESSEY on the Story

“The Portrait ”

by Aldous Huxley


"The Portrait" by Aldous Huxley is a very interesting story.

Aldous Huxley is one of the most brilliant writers in English literature. He is a well-known contemporary novelist, who is particularly noted for his social fantasies about the future. Besides novels, his literary heritage includes a number of collections of stories and essays on art, literature, science and culture.

I suppose that the themes of “The Portrait” are love and money, art and money and commercialization of art. In the inside story Lady Hurtmore lives with her ugly husband because Mr Hurtmore has money. In the outside story the young and talented painter has to paint sham in order to earn money.

The composition of “The Portrait” is unusual: it is a story within a story. The inside and the outside stories have much in common. In both stories the author shows that money influences the life of people greatly.

The outside story is devoted to a prosaic affair, the inside story is a

romantic love of the young wife and the young and handsome lover.

The inside story is cleverly invented for a very practical reason.

To my mind, the inside story seems to be in accordance with the taste and the expectations of the Lord of the Manor. It is evident that the Lord of the Manor wants to hear such a story.

The main characters of the story are Mr Bigger, the Lord of the Manor and Mr Crowley. Mr Bigger and the Lord of the Manor like money most of all. Both are greedy. Mr Crowley is a young painter. “I’m horribly short of money,” says Mr Crowley. He asks twenty pounds for his picture. “We’ll make it twenty-five,” says Mr Bigger. “Oh no, really, I couldn’t. Thanks very much,” replies Mr Crowley. That is why, I think that this painter is an honest and modest person.


I want to say that this story is quite interesting. I like psychology, and

I believe that Aldous Huxley is a very good psychologist. That is why, "The Portrait" is especially interesting for me.

I suppose that the plot of "The Portrait" is not dynamic. There are few events in the story.

The characters of "The Portrait" are flesh and blood. I believe that we can meet such people in our real life. That is why, I think that they are true to life

The language of the story is easy, so "The Portrait" reads well.


I suppose that the message of the story can be expressed by the proverb: "He that is full of himself is very empty." The customer thinks that he is quite clever. I do not think so because the Lord of the Manor seems to me a victim of his own foolishness. He claims to be an educated person. I understand that the Lord of the Manor knows nothing! He seems to me a typical simple-minded bourgeois. The Lord of the Manor does not want to buy pictures of unknown painters. He does not appreciate pieces of art for their artistic value. “An old Master is a symbol of social superiority,” says Mr Bigger. “You’ve said just what I wanted to say,” says the Lord of the Manor.

Aldous Huxley does not give any name to the Lord of the Manor. As the author wants to show that there are many such people in our life.

“The Portrait” is interesting. So, I like this story very much.

Yekaterina Odincova, 2000


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