Контрольные по английскому (сочинения, ответы, деловая корреспонденция) Сочинение на английском на рассказ "Manhood" by John Wain
Сочинение на английском на рассказ "Manhood" by John Wain

Сочинение на английском на рассказ "Manhood" by John Wain

AN  ESSAY on the Story


by John Wain

We have read the story "Manhood"  written by John Wain, a well-known novelist and a distinguished poet. John Wain is a realistic writer, aware of the social problems and the social conflicts of today. Besides novels, John Wain published a volume of autobiography, some essays on literature and some collections of short stories.

"Manhood"  is about something which is very traditional for literature — father — son relationship. The writer’s attention is focused on one aspect of this relationship — what the father wants his son to be, and how the son responds to the father’s urging. Both father and son try to make each other happy in the best way they know how to do it.

I suppose that the theme of "Manhood" is what we want our children to be. I think that all parents want their children to be good persons. In "Manhood" John Wain shows us three characters, Mr Willison, Mrs Willison and Rob, who is their child. It is evident that the parents love Rob and take great care of him. But Rob’s parents have different views on how to bring him up. Rob’s father wants Rob to be  a good sportsman in order to be a leader among his friends. That is why Mr Willison makes Rob go in for sports. Rob’s mother is afraid that Rob can become an invalid if he goes in for boxing. No doubt, boxing is dangerous, so, to my mind, Rob’s mother is right. I suppose that Rob does not want to become a sportsman, his health is rather poor, so it is too difficult for him to go in for sports. Rob makes up a story about his going in for boxing because he wants his father to be happy and tries to do everything for his father in the best way he knows how to do it. Rob has told his parents a lie. But I think that he is a good boy because he loves his mother and his father.

Mr Willison in his green years had no chance to become an athlete. He had to study and to earn money. Mr Willison says, “When I was a boy ... it was just work, work, work, pass this exam, get that certificate.“ Rob’s father does not want his son to make his mistakes. Health is much more important than wealth is.

The main heroes of the story are Mr Willison, Mrs Willison and Rob. I think that the relations between Rob, his mother and his father  are not typical of many families. Rob and his parents, to my mind, are unhappy because they have different hopes and views. I agree with Dostoevskiy, who wrote that all the families are the same when they are happy, but each family is unhappy in its own way. John Wain’s story proves it. So I believe that the message of "Manhood" is the statement “each family is unhappy in its own way.”

I think that the plot of "Manhood" is quite probable as John Wain emphasizes real aspects of life. I think that father — son relationship is a very important and actual theme, so "Manhood" seems convincing as its background is authentic.

I suppose that the characters of "Manhood" are flesh and blood as we can meet such people in real life. That is why I think that they are true to life. I consider that the language of "Manhood"  is easy, and the story reads well.

In conclusion, I want to add that, in my opinion, "Manhood"  is an interesting story. I enjoyed reading it.

Yekaterina Odincova, 2000




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