Контрольные по английскому (сочинения, ответы, деловая корреспонденция) Сочинение на английском на рассказ "The Rocking-Horse Winner" by D.H.Lawrence
Сочинение на английском на рассказ "The Rocking-Horse Winner" by D.H.Lawrence

Сочинение на английском на рассказ "The Rocking-Horse Winner" by D.H.Lawrence

AN ESSAY on the Story

"The Rocking-Horse Winner"

by D.H.Lawrence


I) "The Rocking-Horse Winner" by D.H.Lawrence is a very interesting story. D.H.Lawrence is a well-known novelist and a poet, who influenced a great deal the development of the English literature of the 20th century.

His chilhood and green years and later his outlook were notably coloured by the conficts in the family that were

brought on by the contradictory interests of his parents: the father’s powerful working class character and his mother’s restless aspirations to social and moral refinement. Another important fact that influenced his outlook a great deal was the clashing of industrialization with the older agricultural life.

Besides novels, his literary heritage includes a number of collections of short stories, several volumes of poetry and some plays, which have recently been revived on the stage successfully.

In "The Rocking-Horse Winner" Lawrence shows us a tragedy. The mother does not love her children.

“In her manner she was all the more gentle and anxious for her children, as if she loved them very much. Only she herself knew that at the center of her heart was a hard little place that could not feel love..,“ D.H.Lawrence writes.

Paul, her little son, suffers very much. He is lonely. Paul wants to be loved. He develops the power to foretell things because he wants to earn money. He believes that money can make his mother happy, and that she will love him and his sisters. Paul is so naive.

“I started it for mother. She said she had no luck, because father is unlucky, so I thought if I was lucky, it might stop whispering,” Paul tells to Uncle Cresswell.

That is why I believe that the theme of "The Rocking-Horse Winner" is the atmosphere in the family and its effect on a child.

The main characters of the story are Paul, Paul’s mother, Bassett and Oscar Cresswell.

Bassett is a gardener. I think that he is Paul’s friend. Bassett tells Paul about races. Paul decides to try to foretell the winner in races. Paul has the power of prophecy.

I know that there are some people in the world that can foretell things. I believe that it is possible to develop the power of prophecy, but nobody knows how to do it.

Oscar Cresswell is Paul’s uncle. He does not love Paul. I believe that Oscar Cresswell is a callous [‘ke..l$e$s] (áåçäóøíûé) person. He does not put an end to Paul’s betting. Mr Cresswell wants to earn much money. He is greedy, and he does not think about Paul’s health.

II) "The Rocking-Horse Winner" is a sad story. I believe that also it is an instructive (ïîó÷èòåëüíàÿ) story. I am interested in prophecy very much. I know many things about it. That is why this story is very interesting for me.

I think that the plot of the story is quite probable. The author emphasizes real aspects of life — happiness and luck are often equated with money, and the impact of the power of money on the vulnerable soul of a child can be really disastrous.

I suppose that the characters of "The Rocking-Horse Winner" are flesh and blood. I believe that we can meet such people in real life. That is why I think that they are true to life.

The language of "The Rocking-Horse Winner" is easy, so the story reads well.

III) I think that the message of the story can be expressed by the statement “There is no gain without a loss.” Paul dies, and his mother gets much money. “My God, Hester, you’re eighty-odd thousand to the good, and a poor devil of a son to the bad. . . ,” Oscar Cresswell says to Paul’s mother.

The story seems convincing, and the background seems authentic.

I suppose that such a story can happen in real life.

But I think that this story is not a typical story because the plot is unusual.

I believe that Paul’s mother and Oscar Cresswell are not typical representatives of their social stratum. To my mind, such mothers and uncles are rare in real life. Usually mothers love their children and look after them. It is evident that Oscar Cresswell is a selfish person.

So Paul’s life is very difficult. It is a pity that Paul dies, but maybe it is better for him. . .

I want to add that on the one hand, I like "The Rocking-Horse Winner" because this story is interesting and instructive. On the other hand, I do not like this story because I do not like tragedies. Usually my mood is depend on the contents of the story that I read.

Yekaterina Odincova, 2000


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