Пример резюме на английском языке - Resume

Пример резюме на английском языке - Resume

Ekaterina V. Novikova

30 years old (15 of March 1985)

Ivanovo, Russian Federation

Ready to relocate

Phone (home): +7 (4932) 51-64-13

Phone (mobile): +7 (961) 113-23-91


Career Objective:

To obtain a position as an economist with an expanding company.



September 2007 to Present. Ivanovo, Ivanovo State Power University, Russia.

(Education & Teaching)

Position: Associate Professor of Economics and Management Faculty, Economics and Management Engineering Department.

Basic Function:

· Teaching responsibilities include courses in the area of management, marketing, economics, statistics, accounting, banking, industrial engineering, industrial management, pricing.

· Consulting students about their basic research.

· Participation in the certification commission.

February 2007 to March 2009

Ivanovo, Citymarket, Russia.

(Retail Trade)

Position: Main Specialist of Procurement Department

Basic Function:

· Development of assortment matrix;

· Assortment optimization, conducting ABC Analysis;

· Markon method (the keyword analysis of cost, price, sales quantity, size and percentage of gross receipts);

· ABC analysis of sales;

· Sale monitoring;

· Price monitoring;

· Schedule of payments to suppliers, calculating bonuses;

· Costs accounting, proceeds accounting (daily account, alcoholic declaration, finance plan, statistical estimate).

· Financial statement analysis;

· Contract negotiations with suppliers;

· Cost reduction activities;

· Sales Data Analysis (Gestori, 1C: Trade and Warehouse 7.7);

May 2004 to November 2004

Ivanovo, Trading Network “Extra”, Division of Holding Company "Project 2000”, Russia.
(Retail Trade)

Position: Assortment Analyst

Basic Function:

· Supply analysis, demand analysis, SWOT analysis;

· Prices analysis;

· Sales analysis;

· Assortment optimization (about 5 thousand items);

· Proceeds forecasting;

· Sales control;

· Delivery control;

· Advertising analysis;

· Price regulation development;

· Sales Data Analysis (Ms Access, 1C: Trade and Warehouse 7.7);

· Commodity Flow Analysis.



September 2004 to 2007 Ivanovo State Power University, Russia. Economics and management faculty, economics and management engineering department.

Postgraduate Economics course.

Defended a thesis on the formation of an optimal production program at engineering plants.

Candidate of Economic Science.

September 1999 to 2004. Ivanovo State Power University, Russia. Economics and management faculty, management and marketing department.

Courses in economics, management, marketing, sales, statistics, accounting, book-keeping, English (advanced level), computer software, high mathematics, etc.

Honors Diploma in Management.


Overview/Skills Summary:

Fluent English (both written and spoken).

PC skills (Windows XP/Vista/Seven); Ms Office (Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms Access,
Ms PowerPoint, Ms Visio);

E-mail: Outlook Express, The bat; Netscape Communicator, Dream Weaver,

1C: Trade and Warehouse 7.7, 1C: Enterprise 7.7

Web sites development (Joomla 1.5)

Drawing up financial statements:

· Business plan development;


· Developing a Financial Plan;


· Preparing Documents for A Small Business Loan Getting;


· Business processes functional modeling in IDEF0 format;

· Proceeds forecasting;

· Sales analysis;

· Assortment optimization, conducting ABC Analysis;

· Cost reduction activities;

Adept to work with documents and legal databases.

Touch typing in Latin and Cyrillic (180 w.p.m.).

The theme of candidate thesis - Methods of optimal assortment of production program formation of engineering company (specialty 08.00.05 - Economics and management of national economy (economics, organization and management of the enterprises, branches, complexes - the industry).

The results are approved at some Ivanovo region engineering companies. The author's model of optimization of the nomenclature is developed in the thesis, the model is based on Activity Based Management (ABC-Method).

Author more than 20 publications, including 2 monographs:

Assortment policy in company cost managemment. Monograph. Ivanovo state University Publishing. – Russia, Ivanovo, 2010, 160 p.
Assortment policy improvement. Monograph. Lambert Academic Publishing. – Germany, 2011, 288 p.

Driving license (category B). 2 years of driving experience.

Ability to extensively travel on business.


Russian — native

English — fluent

German — basic knowledge

Citizenship, travel time to work

Citizenship: Russia

Work permit: Russia

Postal address: 6 Stroitelej Prospect, Apt. 58 Ivanovo 153040, Russian Federation

Travel time: Any



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