Рассказ о том, как провел лето на английском

Рассказ о том, как провел лето на английском

What can I say about this summer?
As for me I was in the city. But I was happy because of it.
For instanse, I could go for a stroll[stroul] with my best friends.
I could see them at last.
In summer I met many new people. It's apparently that I learnt many new things
from them.
I could think about everything.
I had no time on such important things early.
Two months without exams, tests, lectures were fine.
But I read one book. I gess you cannot know about what that book could be.
So, last year wasn't easy for me, and in summer I tried to have a rest in
order to be able to study in this year again.
But today after our lectures I'm so tired that I wanna have a rest again.

Yekaterina Odincova, 2000



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